Just Gospel October Part II: Now is the Time for Pope Francis Intention on Work

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 18, 2017

Franciscan Sister Kathleen Murphy continues on the topic of Pope Francis’s monthly intention on work and our particular Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity core values.

Beyond praying for this intention, we can consider our Core Value statement that says, We work at building community by accepting the uniqueness of each other in both our strengths and weaknesses.  Can we be more mindful and sincere in our appreciation of the work done by our sisters?  This doesn’t mean just certain works by certain sisters, but the works done by each and every Community member.  Giving the gift of expressed appreciation to every Sister for what she contributes to our Community, the Church, and the world is a great place to start for this month’s challenge.

Beyond praying for respect and opportunity in the workplace, and appreciating all that is done by those in our daily experience, perhaps we need to watch our judgmental attitude toward those who are unemployed or underemployed.  We do not always know the circumstances of those who do not, or cannot work.  We need to presume respect rather than assuming laziness.  Father Thomas Rosica, CSB shares a story about Pope Francis that speaks to this point.  “When Francis was a parish priest in Argentina, he met a mother with young children who had been abandoned by her husband.  She had no steady income.  When odd jobs were scarce, she would prostitute herself in order to feed her children and provide for her family.  During that time she would visit the local parish, which tried to help her by offering food and material goods.  One day during the Christmas season the mother requested to see Padre Jorge Bergoglio.  He thought she was going to thank him for the Christmas food basket the parish had sent to her.  “Did you receive the basket?” Padre Jorge asked her.  “Yes, yes, thank you for that, too,” the mother explained.  “But I came here today to thank you because you have never stopped calling me Señora.”

Regarding each person as deserving of great dignity and honor is a good challenge for us as we daily call to mind that now is the time!

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