Franciscan College Hosts Embraced by Beauty Conference

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 28, 2018

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were specially invited to a recent Ministry Department of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family event for young adults. Sister Mary Ann Tupy, Sister Louise Hembrecht and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan were on hand for the afternoon sessions focusing on encountering the beauty of Christ present to us in creation, relationships, art and film, and in prayer. Julianne Stanz, Director of the Diocese of Green Bay Department of Evangelization and National speaker and author, delivered the keynote introducing us into a new way of seeing and embracing the beauty of the encounter of Christ in the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of life.

Others of our Sisters were also present for the First Sunday of Lent Eucharistic liturgy that followed in the college chapel. Bishop David Ricken presided.

A round table (a wrap up of significant points by individuals who were also present for additional sessions on the topic) seemed to best summarize the time together. In this group along with Julianne Stanz were Shaun Johnson, Office of Mission and Ministry, Director of Franciscan Spirituality and Service at SLC, Sarah Bradford, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Green Bay, Jane Angha, Diocese of Green Bay Young Adult Ministry Coordinator, Father Jim Baraniak, OPraem, prior of St. Norbert Abbey and chaplain at the Green Bay Correctional Institution and Green Bay Packers. These strategies were encouraged to grow in beauty during the Lenten Season. We share for those who were unable to be present for the day.

Lenten ‘Beauty’ Challenge

• Stillness. Listen. Use all our senses, all of us to praise God.
• Relationships. Acknowledge the holy in those we love and even stretch ourselves to give joy to others we don’t know.
• Consume less and delve deeper to the depths of things e.g. read a book and nothing else. Harness moments of pause.
• Encounter Scripture. What is Christ saying to me? Read one or two verses of the readings of the day.
• Be very intentional about what you do. Notice and be. (Photos: Shaun Johnson)


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