Teacher Stuff: Students’ Names on a Stick

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

September 23, 2018

For our September Teacher Stuff feature we look west to Yuma, AZ. Franciscan Sister Hannah Johnecheck strongly endorses the concept “Students’ Names on a Stick”. All St. Francis of Assisi School teachers are encouraged to use this teaching method. “Students’ Names on a Stick is a great way to increase student engagement and accountability. It virtually eliminates the need to raise hands.” says Sister Hannah.

This concept of random calling on pupils was encouraged by our own Sister Brideen Long, former President of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. Our Sister teachers created individual student name cards. The deck was shuffled and a card selected whenever there was a need for a response or for a volunteer helper or response to a question. Needless to say, this concept is a great tool for classroom management and a real equal opportunity booster!

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