Teacher Stuff: Franciscan Motherhouse Heritage Tours

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 29, 2018

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s long standing call to be teachers has always encouraged hands on education. Fieldtrips to our Motherhouse by various ages has ever been an opportunity for us to explain our way of life and for others to see first hand where we all began our consecrated lives.

Archivist Sister Caritas Strodthoff and Director of Human Resources Sister Elaine Turba recently provided a Heritage Day Tour for the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Manitowoc County. We are one of four places that include Pine Crest Village and Maritime Museum that are visited each year.  The group included 23 young men and women. The students were delightful. Given Sister Caritas’ love for our history, it is difficult to stump her. However, if there is a question that she doesn’t know the answer, she is very willing to delve into finding the information.

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