Point Catholic Retreat Encourages Discernment

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 24, 2019

Point Catholic University students were invited to come and bask in the warmth of God’s love at an annual Busy Student Retreat. Beginning on Sunday, nine  Spiritual Directors were welcomed by Holy Spirit Parish Pastor Father Steve Brice and Campus Minister Zach Laughlin at the Newman Center.

Students had the opportunity to meet with Sister Michaela Hedican, St. Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, MN; Father Dennis Lynch, Diocese of La Crosse, Brother Patrick McCabe, Congregation of Alexian Brothers, Chicago, IL; Sister Marla Lang, Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration; Patricia Pintens, Marywood Franciscan Spirituality Center, Arbor Vitae, WI; Sister Stephanie Spandl, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Sister Sandy Setterlund, Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, at a time that fits their class schedule, once each day through Thursday.

Many students have found the courage and strength to embrace God’s call for their lives during such retreats. Thoughtful discernment is encouraged. Here’s a sample of the retreat booklet reflections that Campus Minister Zach Laughlin shared.

“It doesn’t take much for us to get overwhelmed with anxiety. Jesus is always reaching out towards us, surfing over the top of trivial things that we worry about, but we just get caught up in the waves of life. School work. Temptations. Longing to fit in. Finding a job. Feeling comfortable in our own skin. These things are real, very real. But, so often, we miss what is right in front of us Jesus is right there with us in the thick of things.

Anxiety is a darkness that we have to bring towards the light. There’s a saying in Twelve Step groups that we should never try to reason with the six inches between our ears for too long (our own mind)! A little harsh, but that’s actuall pretty sound advice! We need to bring our worries out in the light, through friendship, community and prayer. Left to our own defenses, we lose to anxiety every time.”


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