Franciscan Sisters’ Sponsored Ministries Updates

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April 14, 2019

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sponsored Ministries, Inc. is working hard to serve others and to ensure a vibrant future for many years to come.

Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, continues to find ways to collaborate with others that will work best to to serve the poor and marginalized and will allow them to maintain their identity as Catholic, Franciscan ministry.

Franciscan Care Services’ new nursing home in West Point, Nebraska, St. Joseph’s Hillside Villa, has opened and is proving to be a tremendous support for area residents needing compassionate, quality long-term care.

Genesis, Zanesville, Ohio, has had great success in recruiting surgeons, specialists and primary care physicians and are doing a much better job of providing access to the poor and underserved patients in their six-county service area. The recently opened Perry County Medical Center offers a much-needed emergency department to an underserved area.

St. Paul Elder Services is extending our reputation of excellence to the only Catholic long-term care facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Diocese of Green Bay has asked us to continue the mission at McCormick Assisted Living.

In an effort to raise funds to help about fifty students be able to afford tuition, the Silver Lake College of the Holy Family ‘Gift of Dreams’ campaign recently raised more than $25, 000 from individual and corporate donors. Silver Lake College of the Holy Family welcomes students desiring a Franciscan, Catholic, learning environment.
Franciscan Sisters serve lovingly in education and healthcare and pray faithfully for each of these ministries that we hold in trust for the Church.

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