Franciscan Calendar: Saint Caspino of Viterbo

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 24, 2019

During the month of May devoted over the years to Mary, Mother of God, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Saint Caspino of Viterbo on the Franciscan Calendar. His story begins in perfect Franciscan whereabouts in Viterbo, Italy. Peter was born of humble, faith-filled parents in 1668. At age five his mother took him on a one day pilgrimage to Viterbo to see the miraculous image of Mary of the Oak. She is said to tell her son always to look upon Mary as his Mother. This devotion remained strong throughout his life.

Growing up, Peter became a shoemaker. It is this trade combined with his faith in God and call to live the Franciscan life that Peter received the name Crispin or Crispino as a Capuchin friar, in remembrance of two holy shoemakers. After making his vows, he developed skills as a cook serving his brothers at Tolfa. Here Saint Caspino set up a little altar to Mary in the kitchen. With this act of love, he offered his Mother Mary all his works for his brothers and remembered countless intentions. Miracles began to happen. Sick were restored to health. He often placed foods on the altar for Mary to bless.

For Saint Caspino, devotion to Mary lead him closer to God. Mary, help to all who search for God’s will, pray for us.

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