Franciscan Sisters Elect New Leadership

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 25, 2019

On June 24, 2019, the General Chapter of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity elected Sister Natalie Binversie, Community Director and her Council: First Councilor, Sister Myra Jean Sweigart, Second Councilor, Sister Theresa Feldkamp, Third Councilor, Sister Leonette Kochan and Fourth Councilor, Sister Jane Kinate.

A Eucharistic Liturgy anticipated the election process. Bishop David Ricken, Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, was the presider. After the Mass, the capitulars processed in silence to the chapter hall. A hymn to the Holy Spirit was sung. This exhortation was read:

Sisters, for several months you have been praying to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and inspiration for your deliberations and decisions. You have sought repeatedly to discern his will and endeavored faithfully to make it your own. It is now time for you to turn to the task of choosing from among your Sisters those persons who, in your estimation, will most closely embody all those worthy visions you have seen. These women, whatever their task and role, have responded to the call to live your Franciscan way of life and strive to enflesh the ideals, goals, vision and spirit which the Holy Spirit has led your community to seek, and renew or set in motion by the Chapter. There is no need to tell you of the seriousness of this task, but the Lord is with you.

Franciscan Sister Jan Villemure and Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel report further about our traditions associated to this event in our history. Capturing Chapter 2019-June24

We ask for your continued prayers for us and our hope-filled future.

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