Franciscan Sister Offers Lay Women’s Retreats

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September 10, 2019

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marsaia Kaster offered for the first time a June 11-14 and August 13-16 spiritual retreat experience at our House of Prayer. Five laywomen came from various Wisconsin cities to St. Francis Convent. Sister Marsaia Kaster explains how this came to be.

“For some time, several of my spiritual directees had been remarking on the peacefulness, simplicity and beauty of the House of Prayer and its chapel, housed within St. Francis Convent; and the quiet prayerfulness of the place. They began to say they would love to come there for a retreat.

Probably in March, I ran the question past Sister Natalie and then Sister Anne Marie Lom. The Council took up the question and said “yes.” Our first laywomen’s’ retreat began early afternoon on a Tuesday and closed around 1:30 PM Friday early afternoon. Five women from various Wisconsin cities attended each retreat.
Using Ignatius of Loyola as our guide, we “cast all our care upon the Lord” Who came “to set the captives free.” We prayed. And we spent many hours sharing on topics related to prayer, healing, conversion, forgiveness, discernment of spirits in everyday life. We pleaded with Him to help each of us to become more filled with faith in His Triune love; equipped with forgiveness, hope and “fuerza.” “Fuerza” is a Spanish word Ignatius used meaning “courage and active energy” to face each day with hope, courage, and active energy; eagerness to LIVE HIS LOVE no matter what challenge.

The retreatants, the 10 different women who came to the two retreats, expressed much appreciation to and for Sister Mary Ann Tupy and the St. Francis convent Sisters (and the Motherhouse Sisters via the St. Rita bulletin board) who supported our retreats. Thanks especially to Sister Natalie and the Council who made these retreats possible.

At the end of the first retreat, the women dubbed it “The First Fuerza Retreat.” They would like to come back next year. Sister Marsaia is hoping to schedule another retreat for November and possibly one for early January. If you know of someone who would benefit and is close enough to come, feel free to contact Sister Marsaia at 920-323-4310.

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Patricia Molitor 06/05/2022 @ 3:31 pm

I am very interested in a retreat like this. I live in Waukesha. What is the cost and is there a place to stay overnight?


Patricia Molitor 12/11/2022 @ 5:28 am

Once again, I would like to know more about this. Cost, where to stay, etc. No one answered my first request.


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