St. Francis Month Feature: Artist Armand Serrano

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October 18, 2019

During the month of St. Francis, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are delighted to feature the artwork of Armand Serrano. In particular, we focus on a new book Painted Word, digital paintings based on #sundaymorningdoodles.

“The book is a combination of showcasing biblical illustrations with bible verses for context, some original Sunday morning doodles/sketches I did in church, and tutorials on my painting process. My target audience is mostly adults and artists/art students/art enthusiasts in general. My goal is to create an appealing art book that could be appreciated and at the same time, non-threatening enough to open up a healthy conversation/dialogue about faith. Also, I got tired of artists always taking biblical art to the level of kids art. There’s nothing wrong with it except it’s result that when kids grow up, they look at the Bible as only for children together with fairy tales. I want to change that way of thinking. That’s why I wanted to use the skills I learned for years in the industry to define what the Bible is truly all about.”

About Armand Serrano

Armand Serrano is a Filipino-American Visual Development Artist and Production Designer for animated feature films. He is known for his works at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. He has been in in the animation industry for almost 3 decades. He is also known as a lecturer in the field of animation and design. He conducts workshops and demos internationally. Armand also teaches online at CG Masters Academy and co-organizer of Icon Manila together with his wife. Read more.

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