Franciscan Sister Nathanael Jenks Shares Perpetual Profession Poem

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January 05, 2020

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity celebrate the life of our Sister Nathanael Jenks. Click here Franciscan Sister Nathanael Reflection. Read about her call to be a Franciscan Sister.

Her journey became a reality, because she was invited by someone she admired to consider the vocation. She was also supported by two good friends who also responded generously to their call from God.

Sister Nathanael Jenks is a gifted poet. Read her poem penned on August 15, 1951, the day of her Perpetual Profession.

For the Whole Time of My Life

A few more hours and I will be
His spouse for all eternity
In just a few short hours more,
The off’ring of my life is o’er.

And then this soul-no longer mine
Begins its consecration time,
How overwhelming is the thought
That Christ, my hand in marriage sought.

He passed two dozen classmates by
More worthy of His love than I
He placed His hand upon my brow,
“I want your love forever now.”

Was all He whispered in my ear,
Nor did I hesitate to hear.
God grant that having given all
I will not bit by bit “recall.”

The promises I made today
To walk forever in His way
And may I ever bear all strife
With joy, the whole time of my life.

Sister Nathanael Jenks-August 15, 1951

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