New Roof for St. Clare Convent, Imperial, Nebraska

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August 24, 2020

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Sister Rochelle Kerkhof and Sister Michael Ann O’Donnell  share convent news from Imperial, Nebraska.

NEW ROOF on our St. Clare of Assisi Convent, St. Patrick Catholic Church, Grant Deanery Nebraska, USA CONVENT! If you lived in Imperial during the past months of June and July, you would have awakened each day to the sounds of a working crew of men tearing off old damaged shingles, hammering tarps down, and, eventually, stapling new singles to the slanted roofs in town. There were multiple crews each day on almost every city block trying to get these jobs done; all of this was caused by a city-wide hailstorm of last season!

Work began at 5:30 a.m. due to the high temperatures of the day, and concluded when all debris, nails and unwanted trash was hauled away.
The crew that worked on our convent was very friendly, mostly young Hispanic men, who laughed easily, and sang songs during their lunch time.
One of the roofers took the personal initiative to clean to out the gutter directly over the convent door for us as he was finishing his day.(top photo) Sister Rochelle was so grateful that he saw a need and did it without flinching. She expressed appreciation to him before they departed and informed the boss of his kind deed.

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