Franciscan Sisters Spotlight ‘Little Dream’ by Marie Miller

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January 11, 2021

As we begin a new year Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity spotlight the song Little Dream by Marie Miller.  If you are discerning your personal call from God or the next direction after college, a change in job or living situation, you may find Marie’s lyrics and answers to questions helpful in your own reflection. Marie Miller is a folk/pop singer/songwriter and recording artist living in Nashville, Tennessee.


Afraid, no I’m not afraid

Even though I’m tired
Even though I’m lost
Well, things aren’t going well
I’ve forgotten my own name
But there’s one light blue flame
Still inside me

These are my little dreams
A thousand kites on a string
Just try and knock the wind right out of me
But I’ll die dreaming
Little dreams

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What’s your creative process like in writing ‘Little Dreams” – was it a song that came out at once, or did you have to consciously figure what you wanted to say?

“Little Dreams” was written with my good friend Kris Allen. We wrote this song about how often artists can forget the simple gift of performing and writing music. We can forget the little, quiet gifts and focus on being “successful” instead of faithful and grateful.

How does your faith inform your songwriting?

 My faith is everything to me. When I was sixteen I read St. John Paul the Great’s Letter to Artists which changed my life forever. JP2 wrote, “Beauty is a call transcendence.” What I learned from this letter is that art should always point ultimately to Beauty Himself. That is what I hope my music does.

How did the arrangement come about? It’s sort of ‘dreamy’ but dramatic.

 What a compliment! That was our goal. I think my producer David Wimbish did a beautiful job with this song. I believe the music really reflects the lyrics so perfectly. The strings add such a lush and “dreamy” element to the song.

You start by singing ‘afraid’, but then quickly clarify you’re ‘not afraid.’ Perhaps courage begins with honestly facing a challenge. Certainly it must be a challenge to be an independent musical artist and songwriter these days. True?

 Yes, this song is about being brave when you don’t feel brave. At the time someone in my life had made me feel very small, but I knew deep down inside that God had given me a gift and a desire to perform this music. As an independent artist, you have to take risks and put your whole heart on the line.

“Little Dreams” are as important as Big “Dream’, maybe more so?

 Nothing we do is little to God. I think the point of “Little Dreams” is to remember God uses our littleness to accomplish great things. He just needs our yes.

What kind of feedback have you received from listeners who resonate with ‘Little Dreams’ ?

 I have been very blessed by the feedback for this song. In a time where many people feel very discouraged, I am so grateful my music has helped in a small way. God has placed dreams in all our hearts, and he can make these dreams come true if we follow His will in our lives. What I forget is that God dreams with us. He knows our dreams better than we do. Sometimes this means a change of plans, but it is always the best plan for our ultimate end which is Heaven with Him. That is better than any dream we can dream.

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