Dr. Mary Healy Interviewed by Franciscan Sister

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August 05, 2021

Dr. Mary Healy, Professor of Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, is interviewed by Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Cecilia Joy Kugel. On writing her book “Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World”, Dr. Healy reflects on how she had a “Clear sense from the Lord to study that topic of healing… Jesus Loves to heal and wants to heal, far more often than we think.” Dr. Healy is professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and an international speaker on topics related to Scripture, evangelization, healing, and the spiritual life. She speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to Scripture, the theology of the body, the Holy Spirit, evangelization, and healing. Appointed by Pope Francis as one of the first three women ever to serve on the Pontifical Biblical Commission, she’s also a general editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and author of two of its volumes, The Gospel of Mark and Hebrews. https://www.drmaryhealy.com

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