Catholic Youth Pilgrimage to Palisade, Nebraska for Religious Education Experience

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 22, 2021

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Rochelle Kerkhof shared a recent field trip with Catholic Youth from St. James Parish, Trenton, Nebraska to Holy Family Parish Church and Mihm Hall in Palisade, Nebraska.

CYO students from St. James Parish, Trenton, NE traveled to one of two ‘Mission Churches’ served by Fr. Christopher Miller on October 27 as a religious education field trip experience.  Their destination?  Holy Family Parish Church and Mihm Hall situated in Palisade, NE.  Sr. Rochelle Kerkhof, Youth Minister for the Grant Deanery, coordinated the event.

Holy Family parishioners welcomed students to a delicious, homemade meal, followed by an informative program outlining the history of Holy Family Church, dedicated on April 22, 1917, and, the more recently built ‘Mihm Hall’ in 2013.  Mihm Hall serves as a gathering space for village and parish functions, as well as religious education classes and as a reception area for sacramental celebrations.

Interior photos of the Church’s previous physical appearance and structure demonstrated to students that a total renovation of the Church building has taken place.  In 2017, Holy Family Church had a complete structural renovation and face lifting in preparation for its 100th Centennial Celebration.

Two unique facts about Holy Family Church:  1.) A local Methodist businessperson paid for the building of the original Church; many of his employees were Catholic and he wanted them to stay in the area.   2.) Holy Family Church has the distinction of being the smallest Catholic church in the Diocese of Lincoln.

At the conclusion of this visit, students commented: “Very innovative!”  “How very small it is, but it works so well.” “How churches learn to work within their resources.” “Great Craftsmanship!”

The overall theme for this CYO season is “How do Catholics Worship and Why?”   The goal of this study is that students gain a sense of the value of religious faith worship and practices carrying them into their adult life forever.

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