Casa Guadalupe Director Interviewed by Franciscan Sister

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 04, 2021

Franciscan Sister Cecilia Joy Kugel interviews Noelle Brown at Casa Guadalupe, West Bend, Wisconsin. If you didn’t view Part 1, click here: Casa Guadalupe Director Noelle Braun interviewed by Franciscan Sister Part 1 – YouTube

Through a combination of education and social services, Casa Guadalupe Education Center works to empower low-income, native-born and Spanish-speaking Latino families to live independent, successful lives, to build strong families and establish meaningful connections within their community. Equipped with a bilingual and bicultural volunteer staff, Casa Guadalupe Education Center remains a dedicated community outreach facility and a culturally appropriate site for both Hispanics and non-Hispanics to join together to celebrate and share in each other’s cultural heritages and perspectives. Our Mission To be the Bridge of Integration to Hispanics and to the Communities in which they live through Education and Community Access. Learn More at


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