Postulant Visits St. Benedict Convent Cambridge, Ohio

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 14, 2022

Postulant Katie Logan shares on a recent visit to St. Benedict Convent, Cambridge, Ohio.

I had a wonderful opportunity to join Sr Helen Marie, Sr June, Sr Mariadele, Sr Carol, and Sr Sharon for my Postulant Mission experience at St. Benedict Convent in Cambridge, Ohio. Throughout the week I had a chance to spend time with each Sister to see their different ministries at St. Benedict School and Christ Our Light Parish. What really struck me through the days was that I could see a true joy in each Sister as they interacted with students, staff, parishioners, residents. This joy and care is so impactful as each one of them are an outward sign of God’s love and the Catholic church to their community they are serving and in the world.

I was grateful that the students were returning to St. Benedict School as planned in person. Throughout the week I could see the excitement of te youth to be around their peers and to be learning in the classroom even if they had to wear a mask. I would say the 2nd graders were definitely the most curious about who I was in relation to the Sisters and they had many great questions on the day I joined Sr Mariadele as she taught religion and then practiced for the school Mass. All of the youth that I had an opportunity to meet were respectful and kind and were fun to be around. One of the highlights of the week was playing full court basketball with the 5th graders. They definitely kept me on my toes and tested my skills and it was great to be playing sports. I also was challenged to learn the recorder so I could play a couple songs with Sr Carols music class which went well and was a lot of fun. Then I listened to some singing practice and band practice and “flew” across the ocean in song and movement with the kiddos in preschool. Sr June gave me a glimpse at some of her daily duties in admin support and her guitar skills with Sr. Carol at the children’s mass. It was also fun to see the excitement of the youth coming into the library with Sr Helen Marie and to see how engaged the youth were as she read to them and as they chose their books. Outside of the school I was able to join Sr Sharon in her pastoral care role supporting those in the parish and visiting local nursing homes.

I was so Thankful for this mission experience to Cambridge, Ohio. As a Postulant there is so much you are learning daily about religious life and our Franciscan community through the Formation daily structure in the motherhouse with many wonderful Sisters. During my week live in experience I had the chance to see what it is like for Sisters living in a Mission convent and that type of smaller community living. I was able to see how they support one another while also being immersed in the broader community. Also, how spending time together in daily prayer/Mass and in fellowship in the evenings is a part of what refreshes their daily life.  The second day I was there it was so nice to walk down main street in Cambridge and to see what was still up from the Dickens Victorian Village which runs along main street over the Christmas Season taking you back to the 1850s of England. There was something peaceful about the quiet streets and unique shops that lined Main Street.  It was such a witness to experience the town and to see just a glimpse of an impact the Sisters are having on the Cambridge area through their prayer, presence, and works. Pax et Bonum!




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Sister Sharon Paul, O.S.F. 01/14/2022 @ 6:11 pm

Katie, THANK YOU, for gracing our Parish, School & Community with your presence. The Lord continue to bless you a hundredfold as you discern your vocation in our Blessed, Franciscan Community. Pax et Bonum!


Fr. Placid Stroik, OFM 01/20/2022 @ 10:31 am

Katie,,,fulfilling venture … enjoyed your commentary on life as it is in Cambridge and I learned about recorders back in Covenant House and recently heard some music with recorders on PBS very engaging.

bless your days ahead Fr. Placid


02/01/2022 @ 4:14 am

I was a student with Sr. ROMAN at Cathedral school 1964 Honolulu. Fond memories


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