Catholic Author Julianne Stanz – “Braving the Thin Places” – Interviewed by Franciscan Sisters

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 24, 2022
Catholic Author Julianne Stanz is interviewed by Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sr. Cecilia Joy about her new book ‘Braving the Thin Places”. Here is a fitting Lenten read for souls desiring to grow in self-awareness and closeness to God.


Inspired by the profound and mystical spiritual reality of Ireland where she grew up, Julianne shares thoughts on how she came to write her new book.
“For over twenty years I have spoken throughout the world on the topic of faith, spirituality and ministry integrating lessons from my Celtic roots into my talks, seminars, retreats and writings.… I have spoken of the power of faith and spirituality in a way that is.. accessible and familiar…” Those who come to my retreats, talks and seminars share their hopes and dreams but also their exhaustion and weariness with life, with their faith and many times with God. At the heart of my life and ministry is a desire to encourage others as fellow pilgrims journeying on the road of life together. The word “encourage” comes from the old French and means to “put heart into” and I strive to infuse my writings, talks and retreats with snippets of spiritual wisdom sprinkled with a dose of Irish hospitality and humor. I grew up in a picturesque village set in the Wicklow Mountains and have been profoundly influenced by my life in Ireland and the witness of saints such as St. Patrick and St. Brigid. The prayers and traditions of ancient Ireland settled into my bones, carried me through many struggles and strengthened the practice of my Catholic faith. The ancient Irish, known for their love of threshold places, places at the edge of life such as Sceilig Mhicil off the coast of Co. Kerry, were never afraid to explore God in the known and also the wild barren edges of life. We should not be afraid either. God that was near and dear to saints and sinners of all generations, is the same God who can be near to us as well. Beannachtai (Blessings)
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