Temporary Professed Sister on Mission at St. Anne Convent, Chassell, Michigan

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 03, 2022

Temporary Professed Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez reflects on her experience at St. Anne Convent, Chassell, Michigan.

It was great to be in Michigan when there was a lot of snow everywhere. I particularly enjoy the cold weather. I’m in awe of God’s creation in the cold and the snow. The week went by really fast. Sister Jacqueline Spaniola took me to see the statue of Bishop Baraga. I enjoyed that experience. I had heard a lot about Bishop Baraga and now I was able to learn more about him.(Can you see me under his statue!)

Sister Jacqueline took me with her to St. Albert the Great’s Catholic Center at Michigan Tech. It was nice to say hi to some of the students after Sunday Mass. This meant a lot for me because it is important to reach out to people after the celebration of the Eucharist. Also, I had the opportunity to be at an adult faith formation session. One day we were inside the ice chapel and it was so great and refreshing.

I got to be a part of Sister Marcelyn Gervais’ ministry as well by helping her take inventory of the books in St. Al’s. I also enjoyed watching her finish a beautiful puzzle of the healings of Jesus and reading the passages on it.

Then I had the privilege of going to Sacred Heart Catholic School, L’Anse, Michigan and interact with the children and teachers. It was a great experience. Sister Carolee Vanness allowed me to help her with quizzing her students in spelling and their prayers. I visited Pre-K, the Spanish classroom and the 3rd grade classroom. I loved it and hope the children were positively impacted by my visit there. The children and teachers were so loving and kind: They made me feel welcomed.

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend Mass at St. Anne’s, and St. Al’s. The priests and the parishioners were very kind. One of the parishioners invited us to dine at his house where we had pizza and dessert. Another parishioner shared pie and cookies with us. These were meaningful  experiences and it taught me the value of hospitality. This was an awesome Mission Experience and I am thankful for it. I appreciate the Sisters. They were really nice and hospitable to me. It meant a lot for me that they spent time with me and took time out of their schedules to make me feel at home. They are a blessing.


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