Franciscan Sister Promotes Consecrated Life On-Line in Arizona

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 16, 2022

Franciscan Sister Carol Seidl was invited to a recent Zoom with students from  St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School, Casa Grande, Wisconsin.

During Catholic Schools Week I was invited to zoom with students from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School in Casa Grande, Arizona. I was principal here two years ago. There are now no Sisters in the school. This was a perfect opportunity to promote religious vocations and to see old friends. I first did a zoom session with the 2nd grade class. They each had written me a letter for Christmas. I wrote a letter back to each and sent a little gift from Sr. Julie Ann’s vocation materials. All of the students were back in class with their masks on. It was so much fun answering their questions and seeing how much they had grown. They did a dance for me to get “their wiggles” out. It was as much fun for me as for them.

The next day I did a zoom with the 4th grade class at St. Anthony’s. I was the surprise invited guest. With this class, two students were zooming from home. Their parents didn’t allow them to attend in person class. One of the boys at home sent a message to all via zoom “I really miss all of you so much!!” It was great to see this. I sent to the teacher ahead of time the prayer “Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace”. There was a suggested action for each phrase. I was amazed to see that they had all the actions memorized and did a super job with the hand motions for this beautiful prayer.

Zoom is an amazing invention to stay in close contact with friends far away and to keep students learning when not able to attend class. Catholic Schools Week is a great time to promote religious vocations!! Dear Lord, may some from Casa Grande answer your call.

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