Holy Family College Crucifix Taken Down for St. Clare Parish in Wrightstown, Askeaton and Greenleaf

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 09, 2022

Monday, April 18th was a farewell day and a day of new Blessings from the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity to the parishioners of St. Clare Parish in Wrightstown, Askeaton and Greenleaf, Wisconsin. Parishioners from these parishes came and took the following religious items from our college chapel: the Crucifix, Way of the Cross, St. Francis and the Holy Family. They also took the tabernacle and matching candles.

Fr. Brian Wideman, pastor of St. Clare, is remodeling all three sites that he pastors. The parishioners who came to take down the religious items all had worked in construction so they knew how to remove all of the items.

They also took the shelves from the Rare Book Room to start a parish library. All of these items have new homes and will be greatly reverenced by the parishioners.

The parishes are close enough that we can go and see their new homes. It was sad to see them leave our beautiful chapel but it is good to know they will be going to parishes that really need them and will appreciate them. Our Franciscan Blessing goes out to them.


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