A Call to Teach Life Long Learners Photography

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 29, 2022

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mariella Erdmann reflects on teaching a  Photography Course to Life-Long Learners through the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at the University of Manitowoc campus.

I had the privilege of teaching a course in Digital Photography to Lifelong Learners at UW-Manitowoc. We learned about different types of digital cameras including smart phones and their settings, the basics of good picture-taking using the elements and principles of design, important editing tools in Photoshop and the free Gimp program and the differences between quality pictures for the web vs. those for print.


There were three 2-hour sessions of the class. A lot had to be put into each class but in the end, it was so rewarding. The enthusiasm of the students by the second class was amazing as they put into practice some of the things they had learned. You never have to stop learning unless you want to and the seven students that showed up faithfully showed that. Sue Johnson, Sister Carol Seidl’s sister, was the Coordinator/Moderator and she was so helpful in sending materials I had via e-mail to all the students.

Sister Mariella Erdmann

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