Vocation Profile: Franciscan Sister Concepción Medina

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 08, 2022

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Temporary Professed Sister Concepción Media shares on her call from God and some of her personal favorites. She is currently living at St. Francis Convent, West Point, Nebraska and serving as a registered nurse at St. Francis Hospital.

Name Sister Concepción Medina

Level in formation: 3rd year of Temporary Profession

Home Parish: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Midland, TX

Are there any books that you love so much that you have read them twice (or more)?


When you find yourself with a “free night,” what is something you are likely to do?

Spend time with my Sisters in Community, go for walks, call family and friends, spend extra time in prayer

What do you remember from your First Communion?

I remember being excited and wanting to do as many parts as I possibly could for Mass. I may have ended up doing 3 parts. I also remember the beautiful white dress. My dress had the Virgin Mary embroidered in the front in white and I love the veil. I felt like a bride and I was eager to take the step in faith and become closer to the Lord. I think for me I was a bride of Christ before I even knew it.

Where is one of your favorite places to pray, and what makes it special to you?

I have a favorite place to pray in every place that I’ve been. Each place is different but they all feel like home when I am blessed enough to return to the places that I’ve been. Each place is my favorite because it got me through the most difficult times in my life in each place I was at. This life is not without trial, but God has always made it bearable and has offered me overwhelming comfort and peace. I have never felt alone when I turn to Him. I do love to pray in the dark with candle light though, it is probably my favorite atmosphere to pray in.

What role has the Eucharist played in your discernment?

Early on in discernment a priest that is very dear to me offered some advice, not just to me but to the entire congregation and I think if you are interested in learning of God will for you, it is a good thing to do. The advice was this, “Fall in love with the Eucharist, and everything will fall into place.” This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy but your path will become known. The Eucharist has given me the courage and strength that I have needed to follow God.

Which saint should people invoke for your vocation and why?

I think there have been so many Saints that have interceded for me during my discernment of my vocation. An influence from the beginning from me has been the Virgin Mary, specifically Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has always been a mother to me and has guided me, and was especially present to me during the early parts of my discernment. If I’d had to pick one to intercede for me I’d have to request that you pray to her for me.​​

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