Franciscans’ Downtown Journey of Empathy and Resilience

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 05, 2022

Jesus and St. Francis’ call to build a peaceable kingdom on earth is very much Advent’s call. ‘Journey to our eternal home’ was the theme of the Franciscans Downtown recent memorial service in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Twenty-one individuals were specially remembered with Six-Word Memoirs and the sound of a musical bowl for their presence in this place founded on a Gospel truth in which every person is reverenced as a story to be told.

For eight years Franciscans Downtown has been a storefront of hospitality for all, helping to create a culture of empathy and resilience among all people in this area. Franciscan Friar of the Assumption Province Fr. Placid Stroik, Holy Family Convent Chaplain and Franciscans Downtown Coordinator, organized the tribute and leads the community-building endeavor.


Provincial Fr. Jim Gannon led the prayer supported by a crowd of fifty-four volunteer staff members and donors from around the country, local parishes and benefactors.


Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity—Sisters Theresa Feldkamp, Elaine Turba, Julie Ann Sheahan, Myra Jean Sweigart and Kathleen Murphy—were invited to provide music. Food served included pizza, Graffiti’s pasta and garlic bread and a piece of Teddy Bear cake for dessert. No one left hungry. There was food for mind, body and spirit in abundance. For more on Franciscans Downtown, click here. Stop in.




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