To Become a Religious Sister or Brother: Who You Are and Who Is Needed

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 28, 2023

As part of a study of Vatican Documents Lumen Gentium Chapter IV on Religious Life, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Ann Spanjers has her Tucson, Arizona San Miguel High School Seniors complete a questionnaire assignment on Religious Life. At the start of Catholic School’s Week and as we near the Celebration of Consecrated Life on the Feast of the Presentation February 2, you may find the students’ responses insightful and inspiring. We share just one question and one class’s thoughts below. Watch for more feedback in future blog posts.

Which three qualities do you think are the most essential for a Religious Brother or Sister?

  • Out of the three qualities I listed from a Brother or Sister, the most essential for a Brother is that they should be supportive, guiders and also understanding. I think all of these qualities connect to overall show that if a Brother is these three qualities, a person can become much comfortable with the Brothers and develop a relationship to them because they know any Brother has the time and attention to help out anyone who comes their way.
  • Of the characteristics and qualities that I found, the three most important ones are being loving, friendly, and inclusive.
  • Honesty, Dedication, and Open-minded
  • Out of all the qualities I have observed from Brothers and Sisters, three qualities that have been prominent and are also very important were guidance, passion, and loyalty. I believe that every Brother and Sister should be loyal to others, be able to guide people and themselves to God, and be passionate about it.
  • I think it is being involved in society, fulfilling and deepening the faith through their role through educating the people of the faith.
  • I think poverty, a Brother and/or Sister should try to be close to the same state as the people they are helping in order to be in union.
  • The most essential qualities for a Brother or Sister are to be patient, compassionate, and caring. I think these are the most important because I feel that God is most present within these qualities and can express what it means to live through God.
  • Out of all of the qualities I listed, I think the most essential are: the ability to care for others, eagerness to enjoy God’s gifts, and being passionate about their beliefs.
  • I think the most essential qualities and the most often repeated are patience, openness, and kindness.
  • I think that my answer is chastity because Brothers and Priests have to share their love equally, but I think that Brother Jack had a better answer, that all three are needed for both Brothers and Sisters to succeed.
  • I think the most essential quality for a Brother or Sister is obedience because through obedience you will be able to lead others the right way as well as help out the poor and establish a relationship with God through yourself and through others too.
  • I think that the three most essential for a brother or a sister is to be caring, positive, and courageous. I picked these words because as a person who chooses to spend their life doing missionary work, they have to be a caring person. Secondly. for someone to commit their lives to such a unique vocation one also has to have a positive outlook on life. And finally, for almost the same reason, they have to be courageous to choose to spend their life in obedience to helping the poor.
  • The most essential qualities for a Brother or Sister would be Passionate, Joyful, and Peaceful. These are the most essential because to me these were the qualities Jesus had and still has on people so having a physical form in a Brother or Sister is nice.

  • Determination, because it is important for a Brother/Sister to be fully committed and involved with their religious lives. Dependable is another that is very important because we as believers look to them for guidance and inspiration in our faith. Caring is important as well because it is important that both Brothers and Sisters are compassionate towards others and their surroundings.
  • Patience, enthusiasm and being responsible.
  • I think the most essential would be obedience to follow what the Pope says because essentially that would mean poverty and chastity automatically come with it to live in the ways of the Lord.
  • I think that perseverance, compassion, and honesty are the most essential qualities for a brother or sister. Perseverance allows them to keep going with their work and inspire others as well. Compassion and honesty are also important for their own lives and for the people around them.
  • I think the most essential qualities for a Brother and a Sister are patience, adaptability, and love.
  • The most essential qualities are that of being forgiving, passionate, and honest.
  • Being persistent, being patient, and being spiritual and loving what your profession is.

Does this describe you? Is God calling you to be a Franciscan Sister? We invite you Vocation Discernment Events.

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