Franciscan Sister Interviews Catholic Principal Christy Miron in the Marquette Diocese

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 11, 2023

Principal Christy Miron of Sacred Heart School in L’ Anse, Michigan of the Marquette Diocese discusses her vocation and calling in Catholic Education with Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Hannah Johnecheck.

During this month of graduations and days of learning, we thank God for parents and students, principals and teachers, pastors and school boards. May Mary’s Son watch over all God’s children. 

Article Comments:

Sister Nancy Kinate 05/11/2023 @ 1:21 pm

Really enjoyed this interview and kudos to Christy Miron and Sister Hannah for continuing the mission of evangelization in the privileged setting of a Catholic parish school. Blessings on them both!


Sister Hannah Johnecheck 05/11/2023 @ 3:26 pm

Thank you Sister Nancy!

God bless you too!


Sister Mary Ann Tupy 05/11/2023 @ 3:07 pm

Thank you to Christy Moron and Sister Hannah for a very inspiring interview. It was good to hear of Christy’s introduction to administration of the School and I give her credit for pursuing her education and guiding Sacred Heart school these past 8 + years. I worked at Saint Philip School 1996 to 2000; so I know that school’s history. Even though I never worked with the Sisters Christy mentioned I know the Sisters from other encounters. God bless you both.


Sister Jan Villemure 05/12/2023 @ 9:04 am

Are you (your husband) related to Lennie Miron from Munising? Great friend of my Uncle Bob. Thank you for your ministry to Catholic Education, Cristy and Sr Hannah. You have a great school there. The UP needs you. Manistique is my home. And St. Philip was one of my teaching missions.
Sister Jan Villemure


Sister Carla Riach 05/12/2023 @ 11:24 am

I enjoyed your podcast very much. It is always inspiring to hear how God works in people’s lives, whether through a relationship or pastor’s request or a personal desire for change. May God continue to bless your mionistry.


Sister Hannah 05/13/2023 @ 6:17 pm

God bless you Sister Carla!
God is with you!


Sister Theresa Feldkamp 05/15/2023 @ 10:12 am

Thanks, Christy, and Sister Hannah, for a great interview.
I enjoyed hearing about your connection with our Sisters. So glad that we have been able to connect with you again. Blessings on both of you and all the good that you are doing for the families and students of Sacred Heart School.


Sister Ann Carla Bamann 05/15/2023 @ 7:25 pm

Your podcast was so inspiring. Yes, God has His ways and means to lead us to where He wants us to bloom. Thank you for the witness both of you give.


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