Rebuild My Church: Archdiocese of Milwaukee Eucharistic Congress

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 01, 2023

Reflecting on Jesus’ words to St. Francis of Assisi to Rebuild My Church, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share thoughts on the recent Archdiocese of Milwaukee Eucharistic Congress. Sister Pam Biehl, Sister Theresa Feldkamp, Sister Mary Teresa Bettag, Sister Concepcion Medina, Sister Maria Guadalupe Martinez Lopez, Sister Catherine Peter Logan and Postulant Michelle Ozuna were blessed to be present. More coverage here.

“Being at this Eucharistic Congress was a great reminder for me not only of the presence of God at the table of the Lord during the Mass and in the monstrance during Eucharistic adoration but in the amazing beauty of creation around me as well as in each of the over 600 people present on that day. What a powerful experience of the joy and hope of God’s people gathered together in His name!”

-Sister Pam

“It was great to attend this Congress. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to us. The moment that touched me the most was when I was about to kneel when the Blessed Sacrament was exposed and I had not grabbed a kneeling pad. A kind woman rushed to bring me one. It is in this small gesture that I felt the presence of Jesus and the Motherly care of Mary.” – Sister Maria Guadalupe 

“The Eucharistic Congress in Milwaukee was a wonderful experience. The day started off with Mass which led to a beautiful Eucharistic procession out to a tent where Jesus would be present for Adoration through the event. The procession was filled with Catholics alive in their faith. They came for renewal and to be reignited to be fueled to bring Christ to others. In witnessing the clergy, religious, couples, families, and mix of generations, I was inspired and filled with hope. Father John Burns shared how we need to regain the sense of awe in the Eucharist. How our faith needs to rise past our senses. We were reminded that God empowers us to do things beyond our capacity as He places the fire of His love and desire in our hearts to go out and serve as His laborers in the vineyard. A beautiful day of prayer, reflection, joy, and love shared in fraternity with our own Sisters as well as with our extended Catholic family.” -Sister Catherine Peter

“I am so grateful to have attended the Eucharistic Congress in Milwaukee amongst multiple generations and ethnicities of people, it was a unifying reminder of how we all make up one body of the church. 

It was also refreshing and a blessing to see families with small children in attendance because they may not get the opportunity to participate in Eucharistic adoration as a family under normal circumstances. Their parents are great witnesses to the presence of Christ in the Eucharist through the reverence of the day. 

The day was full with opportunities for prayer, reconciliation, worship through song, service for the homebound and homeless, and contemplation on the role the Eucharist plays in each of our lives. 

Fr. John Burns gave a very powerful talk during Eucharistic adoration.  I think our part is to really “live” the Eucharist in order to bring back the wonder and awe of Christ’ true presence in the Eucharist. 

The Eucharist is love in action, through Christ’ love for us he died for our sins and became the bread of heaven; through His grace we radiate that love unto others through our actions one moment at a time, one person at a time. ” -Sister Michelle Marie Ozuna (Postulant Michelle)

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