Vocation Profile: Novice Sister Catherine Peter Logan

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 09, 2023

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novice Sister Catherine Peter Logan shares on her call from God and some of her personal favorites. 

Name: Sister Catherine-Peter Logan

Level in formation: 1st Year Novice

Parish: Holy Apostles Catholic Church – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Are there any books that you love so much that you have read them twice (or more)?

Interior Freedom – by: Fr Jacques Philippe; Into Your Hands, Father – by: Wilfrid Stinissen; The Art of Living: The Cardinal Virtues and the Freedom to Love – by: Edward Sri.

When you find yourself with a “free night,” what is something you are likely to do?

I love all sports. I would play indoor ice hockey anytime if the occasion arose. But typically I play basketball here at the convent. I also enjoy kayaking, bike riding, hiking, playing card and board games with my community. And then gardening and photography are also high on my list.

What do you remember from your First Communion?

I grew up in a Presbyterian family and through RCIA I came home to the Catholic Church when I attended Neumann University. I remember the anticipation at the Easter Vigil and the nervousness as I prepared to receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion. To know that He made it possible for us to receive Him fully in body, blood, soul, and divinity struck deeply in my heart and continues to this day.

Where is one of your favorite places to pray, and what makes it special to you?

I love to pray in our Portiuncula chapel in the Novitiate/Postulant area of the convent. To know that any time of day we have a place to be in silence, alone, with Jesus present in the Tabernacle is a true blessing and I am so grateful.

What role has the Eucharist played in your discernment?

When you have been on some rocky paths, the day you truly understand the love and mercy and peace of our Lord, everything will change. My discernment began at Holy Apostles, my hometown parish, where I was a member of a wonderful parish family. I had come to the parish looking for direction in my life and I jumped right into volunteering as soon as I could. My pastor encouraged me to spend time in front of the Eucharist in adoration and to really take the time to “just be” and listen to our Lord. I will admit this was a challenge at first. Then a friend encouraged me to also attend daily Mass and soon I could not imagine missing daily Mass and the opportunity to receive our Lord in Holy Communion every day. At the time I was not recognizing what was happening but with each visit to the Adoration chapel, the main church to be in front of the tabernacle, and daily Mass, I was growing deeper in prayer and relationship with Jesus. I finally understood the love He has for me, a love more encompassing then anyone else in my life can love me. Then one day, in our Adoration Chapel, I made the decision to ask our Lord what He wanted from my life and as I gazed at Him in the monstrance He answered very clearly a call to Religious life. This was completely unexpected but over time with the support of priests, my parish family, friends, and a spiritual director I continued to pray in front of our Lord which ultimately led to me entering the convent. And now I discern the call to be a Religious Sister with my community, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

Which saint should people invoke for your vocation and why?

Saint Catherine of Sienna and Saint Peter. These are my namesake Saints. Saint Catherine of Sienna is an example of a woman who surrendered and committed her life to Christ through the love of the Church. Peter persevered over time to bring together his zeal of love and humility to openness and courage to go forth and spread the Word of God.

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