Discernment Question: What Does a Franciscan Sister Do for Fun?

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

September 02, 2023

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Concepción Medina and Sister Delores Wisnicky respond to the Discernment Question: What do Franciscan Sisters do for fun?

Sister Concepción 

Sister Delores Wisnicky

I love to go for walks in the woods or by water.   Growing up on Lake Michigan, water draws me.  I love going the Nature Center in town.  I walk there from St. Paul’s.  I listen to the birds, see deer and take in the beauty of nature.  I love hearing the water in the creek running over the rocks.  Nature renews my heart, my soul. 

This spring I was playing in the flowers and baby rabbits came out of a hole that I didn’t know was there.  There were so many, so little, eyes closed.  They came out and then all went back in.  I have seen them several times this summer.  They love our garden and eat often there.  They took out beans, all the beets, lettuce, and many of the peas.

I love watching the birds.  The hummingbird delights me by coming early in the morning.  I have seen her baby as well.  There is something about that tiny bird and how she hovers that amazes me.  I play in the flowers lots as well.  I start the seeds in the convent in April and love to watch them grow. At the end of May, I put them outside.  When they are young, some do get eaten.  Now they are blooming and adding so much color, beauty to the world.

I love to sing and play guitar.  I write poetry and paint. 

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Placid STROIK 09/06/2023 @ 8:43 am

So well connected as Genesis proclaimed.


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