Franciscan Sisters Present for Inaugural Solemnity Eucharist of Our Lady of Champion

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 17, 2023

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Theresa Feldkamp, Sister Caritas Strodthoff, Sister Caritas Marie Le Claire, Postulant Jen Bourque and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan were present for the Inaugural Solemnity Mass of Our Lady of Champion, Champion, Wisconsin. Earlier this year, the National Shrine received word from the Holy See’s Dicastery of Divine Worship in Rome, confirming the Shrine’s ability to celebrate a Solemnity Mass of Our Lady of Champion on the grounds of the Shrine every year.

“This was just a marvelous experience. I thought of all the people who flock to Lourdes or Fatima or any other shrine, and here we are with a Solemnity honoring a shrine to our Blessed Lady, the first in our entire nation…and we are only a few minutes away! It was a time for me to witness that there are religious women still very active in our world…as recognized by the habit we wore. Any number of people stopped to say Thank you for their education, Thank you for our consecrated witness, Thank you for our prayers, Thank you for certain Sisters that they remembered. One woman remembered her first grade teacher…Sister Humbeline and wants to come visit her. Sr. Caritas Marie witnessed her joy at being a volunteer as she helped people ride her cart to wherever they were heading. It was an experience of a life time and, despite Brother Wind, and Sister Chill, Brother Sun did try to keep us warm at least when he shone his face upon us! It was a glorious day! “- Sister Caritas

“I am grateful that I could be a part of this special celebration. Opportunities like this make me so proud to be a member of the Catholic Church.

Special thanks to all who planned the beautiful liturgy and attended to all the details of programs, parking, ushering and providing the reception after the Mass. May Mary intercede for all who came together today and for their families as she guides us on the way to her Son”. -Sister Theresa

“It was a beautiful Mass at the Our Lady of Champion Shrine. The service was so engaging and it was great to be outdoors. It was wonderful to have so many Bishops taking part and to have such a great dynamic walking rosary to start off the festivities. “- Postulant Jenn

On this day Sister Caritas Marie was an official golf cart driver transporting pilgrims from the parking areas to the Mass site. She also was privileged before the event to fix a new outdoor statue of Adele Brise. The statue arrived with one eye missing.  True, Adele suffered an accident at a young age that left her blind in her right eye, but this was more than that.

The statue arrived with a second eye missing. After the company was alerted of the problem, they sent a small-sized piece for someone to fix the area. Sister was called upon to insert the eye and look into the face of this young woman who Mary gave a special mission. May we also embrace our call with love and zeal.

Our Lady of Champion, pray for us.




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Sister Sharon Paul, O.S.F. 10/18/2023 @ 9:42 am

What a meaningful, spiritual day spent at Our Lady of Champion in WI. for each of you Sr. Caritas Marie, thanks for fixing Adele Brise’s eye. You do have a talent for restoring statues.


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