Diversity and Adversity: God Calls Us All To Be Saints

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 28, 2023

As we near the end of November and its focus on the Saints of God, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Francis Mason shares a Convent Saint Quiz meant to be a source of encouragement for anyone desiring to grow in holiness and discerning God’s call each day.

See if you can recall some unique individuals who struggled, but were victorious. It calls to mind the truth that even saints had lives filled with seemingly impossible circumstances and causes for despair as well as ordinary interests, however they never weakened in their resolve to love God. The photo is from the Diocese of Madison, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Beloit, Wisconsin, Pastorate 12. The “Saints of the Americas” Mural, E.J. Potente Studios, testifies to the beauty and diversity of God’s call. Priests who serve this pastorate also including St. Jude, St. Stephen and St. Thomas parishes are Fr. Bart Timmerman, Fr. Jim Murphy and Fr. Lawrence Oparaji. 

  1. What saintly bishop lives in such poverty that his scholarly friends refused to dine with him?
  2. Who drove the snakes out of the land that he came to Christianize?
  3. Who is the patron saint of aviators because he used to levitate in prayer?
  4. Who signed a petition declaring his incompetence, that was being circulated by fellow priests who were jealous of him?
  5. Who is the patron saint of farmers?
  6. Who spent 8 years with the Hurons before he made a single convert?
  7. Who tramped the California coast although he was lame from falling off a horse?
  8. Who had a dog who defended him against murders for decades and was believed to be his guardian angel?
  9. Who crossed the Atlantic 26 times and loved to cook a big pot of spaghetti for her sisters?
  10. Many miracles were attributed to this priest, considered to be too uneducated to hear confessions.
  11. Who had an apparition of the Blessed Virgin, but missed an appointment with her and when they met, to cover his confusion said, “Good morning, my Lady. Did you sleep well?”
  12. Who was the missionary to China, who astounded the emperor’s court with his phenomenal memory and his knowledge of mathematics and astronomy?
  13. What saint had a swimming pool built in the Vatican?
  14. What mystic and poet was imprisoned by his religious brothers for two years?
  15. What saint was captured by enemy forces, tried for witchcraft and burned at the stake at the age of 19?

For answers to the Convent Saints Quiz as well as a listing of the Saints portrayed in the “Saints of the Americas” Mural from Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Beloit, WI click here: Convent Saint Quiz for Discerners Answers


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