Discernment Questions Series: What You Would Like to Know “Walking with Jesus on a Path… to the Kingdom”

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 15, 2024

In this discernment questions series Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Dorothy Wagner responds to a question raised by a young adult woman.

Is there something that you would like every young Catholic woman to know? For example, about living the faith, discerning vocation, about Jesus, etc.?

I am a procrastinator!

And what a gift! As I reflected on the question above, it came to me that God has created me (and you) for a journey to the Kingdom as a wonderful human being. Yes, a human being, not a god to whom perfection would be ascribed. Rather, we are each given challenges and joys along the way that are in and for the Kingdom. So if I weren’t a procrastinator, I may not have had the wonderful experience of examining some interesting ideas about living God’s gift of life.

First, as noted, God didn’t make us perfect, or perfect as we might determine. God wants us to be open to God’s perfect love. God gave us each wonderful qualities that further God’s Kingdom. As I often experience the tendency to procrastination, what might yours be and how can you use it? Does your external appearance consume your time? How about helping someone be clothed or better clothed? Is loving to eat a priority for you? How about making a nice meal for someone who is hungry or hungry for companionship? Are you lazy? How about using some refreshing laziness to look at God’s beautiful universe and to say “Thank You!? And on and on!

Second, listen to and look for the good of others. We can hear so many inspiring, challenging things from friends, from people we’re not especially fond of, from leaders in and outside our church, from events in our current situations and in the world. A funny example: I was pouring coffee in the dining room at an assisted living and forgot one lady. When told that I had forgotten her, I said one of my usual expressions “Oh, what’s wrong with me?” One woman answered, “Do you want us to tell you?”

Which brings me to the third, and final – Laugh, Laugh, LAUGH!

All of this can be summed up in continually getting to know myself – yourself. This doesn’t happen overnight but over many nights of a whole lifetime. But knowing that I am, you are, walking with Jesus on a path of and to the kingdom will ultimately help you and me know the decisions we should make along the way.

May we always be aware of God’s special blessings.

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