Seek 2024 Reflection Series: Franciscan Sisters Novice’s Moments

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 27, 2024

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share a series of reflections on Seek 2024, FOCUS, a Catholic outreach organization, sponsors the conference. This year it was held in St. Louis, Missouri. Novice Sister Michelle Marie Ozuna comments on this experience.

I was a second-year attendee of SEEK this year.  The conference is facilitated by FOCUS, (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and returned to the St. Louis America’s Center for the 2nd year.  I remember thinking aloud, “Great, I am a seasoned veteran,” as the administrative and managerial side of me started making plans while recalling what worked last year when I navigated the conference with 17,000 people.  Then you get to SEEK and it is overwhelming in the absolutely best way possible. 

I was overwhelmed by the fellowship of over 20,000 of your sisters and brothers in Christ all seeking Him. I was overwhelmed by the nourishing words that you never knew you needed to hear from the numerous speakers, laity and Religious alike. I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of priests processing every Mass and the silence of 20,000 souls worshiping Christ each day as they participate in the sacrifice of the Mass. I was overwhelmed by the sea of joyous smiles that unites us all knowing we are so loved.  I was overwhelmed of the ability to have intimate communion with Christ in Eucharistic Adoration amongst an ocean of others all seeking Christ in the silence of their hearts as well.  There is something so profoundly beautiful in allowing yourself to be immersed in Christ and looking over at your neighbor and seeing Christ so alive within them as they too are overwhelmed in love of Christ.  The theme of SEEK this year was “Be the Light!” As we absorbed the light of God’s truth of infinite love and mercy, we are called to reflect that light back unto others especially those living in darkness, where we each are.

Article Comments:

Sister Anne Marie Lom 01/27/2024 @ 6:12 am

Not only did I enjoy the content but also the creative and clear manner in which this is written! Sister Michelle Marie, you have a gift for conveying your feelings and reactions. I’m so very glad you went and also represented our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity!


Fr. Placid Stroik, OFM 01/29/2024 @ 9:44 pm

Exuberance captures “Great Expectations” of the Lord Jesus and others…like walking on water and no one is afraid and all are tired of being afraid and with the one who is calling there is no reason to fear and so all just step out of the boat. (David Whyte paraphase)


Sister Mary Frances Maher 01/30/2024 @ 7:32 pm

I could feel your excitement and I am so glad that you, Jenn and Sister Catherine Peter were able to experience Seek 2024! What a blessing!


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