Point Catholic Busy Student Retreat 2024 Rebuilds My Church

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 28, 2024

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Julie Ann Sheahan and eight other adults served as Spiritual Directors for the Holy Spirit Parish, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Point Catholic Busy Student Retreat Team February 18-22, 2024. The theme of this annual event was “You are Chosen”. Other Spiritual Guides included Patricia Pintens, RaeAnn Thomas, Grant Van Lishout, Chantel Schmitz, Norbertine Brother Steve Herro, Samuel Rahberg, Father Steve Brice and Julie Meadows. 

As St. Francis of Assisi was also called by God ‘to rebuild My Church’, so all involved in the week-long experience committed to grow in deeper awareness of their faith relationship with God and to recognize him in the daily activities.  Each student set aside time each day to pray on their own. They met for a half hour each day with their Spiritual Director.  Valuing community, dinner was served every night of the retreat. Parish volunteers were generous in providing food and time to serve a meal each night of the retreat.  They witnessed the kind of faith the students hope to imitate as they leave college and enter into parish life in other settings. Valuing praying as a community, participants gathered for prayer and preaching each evening.

Campus Minister Steven Steven Rael-Flores developed the topics for the evening talks which included:

  • Your Life Matters
  • Called to New Life
  • Called to Follow Christ
  • Finding God Here and Now

Patricia Pintens led the reflections. All those who could were also encouraged to be present for daily Mass. 

Article Comments:

Sister Anne Marie Lom 02/28/2024 @ 12:35 pm

Thank you for sharing this outreach experience with all of us! I am still in touch with several students who made the Busy Persons Retreat in Oshkosh years back. It is a blessing to see them now practicing their faith in their parishes and with their young families.


Sister carla Riach 02/28/2024 @ 4:54 pm

It is wonderful to see young people who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our Church needs new life which the young can share with us. Blessings on all those involved in making the Busy Persons Retreats available.


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