7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan Sisters Advent Podcasts and Stuff

Paul Keggington

December 13, 2013

— 1 —

In the mood for some beautiful piano music? Reflecting some of the tentative joy that Virgin Mary said Yesunderlies Advent, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer meditative Mary Did You Know played by Marisa Tisler, a Manitowoc, WI, Holy Family Conservatory student as a free music download and as a reflective podcast. Click here to listen and watch a composition that begins with a meditative pause calling for a deeper silence this Advent. (Perfect for a post Immaculate Conception prayer and Our Lady of Guadalupe hymn!)

— 2 —

Franciscan Sisters at St. Peter Mission Bapchule AZIf music and reflective podcasts are speaking to your soul in this season of Advent waiting, you will want to pray with 2 more videos. Our Franciscan Sisters serving at St. Peter Mission, Bapchule, AZ share their take on Advent. Click here to view Advent Week 1 podcast. Next, click here to watch and pray with an Advent Week 2 video production.

— 3 —

Where do you meet Franciscan Sisters? We continue to enjoy visits with young women at coffee hangouts. Recently, we were at Caribou Coffee  near the University of Wisconsin Riverfalls and at Tempo in the whereabouts of the University of Eau Claire.

caribou coffeeAt one of the stops, a gentleman sipping coffee near us asked if we just met the young women there-like we just met him- or if we planned this conversation ahead of time. In this case, we told him that we planned to be here at a certain time in a certain Tempo coffeeplace. But there is many a time we end up talking to people (including young women) at unexpected times. We are growing daily in trusting the  waves of the Holy Spirit in and around us!

— 4 —

Silver Lake College Students Receive Cookies for exam week snack from Franciscan SistersThis is the season to pray for students as they take or prepare for finals. This year we distributed chocolate chip cookies to young people at our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity sponsored Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. We included a prayer to Franciscan St. Joseph of Cupertino. Why? After asking God for help, he received only the exam questions he knew. Read more about this here.

— 5 —

Pope Francis made the news this week in being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Wonder what Franciscan Sisters’ reaction might be to this media recognition? As soon as our Time Magazine arrives in the snail mail, we will post some of our Sisters’ own comments. Watch here.

— 6 —

 St. Francis of Assisi School Float Greenwood Christmas ParadeSt. Francis of Assisi School float won the Grand Marshalls Trophy for the Greenwood, MS Christmas Parade. The parade that got rained out! Floats were asked to drive to the Agricultural Center for judging. The float was “shrink wrapped” with a tarp to keep it from getting wet. Needless to say, given the rain we had, not many floats actually made it to the Ag. Center.

Another exciting event was that the King and Queen, Prince and Princess for St. Francis School who rode on the float were also featured on the 6:00p Delta TV News.

— 7 —

Lastly, we ask our Virgin Mary of Guadalupe for her intercession for young adults who are discerning God’s call to witness in our Church. If we can of help to you, please click here to meet a Franciscan Sister or invite us to meet you where you are. May St. Lucy also help us all to see the light right before us-JESUS!

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