Retreat Reflection Possible Vocation Discernment Help

Paul Keggington

June 27, 2014

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are blessed to experience a yearly retreat. Sister Kathleen Murphy shares a retreat reflection on vocation discernment.Vocation Discernment

Just came from a retreat conference, and thought the basic idea might have possibilities for some of our discernment work. Father Paul Fagan, a Passionist priest from New York,  used the story of the talents.

He saw the talents as the unique image and likeness of God in each of those servants (in us too). They were sent to invest what God had given them–to invest His own presence and power as manifested in them. He went on to ask what we might think God would have said to the first 2 servants if their business risks had not worked out as they did in the story. What if their attempts to use the master’s talents had failed? What would the master have said to them then? He claimed that God would say the same thing that he said when they were successful. “Well done, good and faithful servant.” God wants us to invest what His presence in us brings. If our investing proves to go badly, he is still pleased that we have used His presence in us to do something. Father’s words were: “No investment of God and His gifts is wasted.”

Are you fearful of making the wrong choice? This slant on the story may be helpful.

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