7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan Sisters’ Good Ol’ Summer Time

Paul Keggington

July 04, 2014

— 1 —

What makes for a good ol’ summer time? Good Franciscan summer-sun moments are complete with good music!  Yes, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to enjoy a perfect St. Francis pick entitled ‘My Everything’ by Pasquale Talarico. A free download, may the song move you to action from the depths of your heart to be all you can be. We invite you to pause and comment on this song. Click here. Pasquale Talarico

— 2 —

Because Texas is one of our July Franciscan destinations, St. Anne Catholic Community Choir of Houston is also featured this month. Click here to listen to a lovely rendition of ‘Lead Me On’ by Brian Schmidt. May it too, be a source of inspiration to follow the Lord’s call in your own life! (We are eager to hear from you if you are feeling like Franciscan consecrated life is for you.) Franciscan Sisters feature St. Anne Catholic Community Choir Houston, TX

— 3 —

As mentioned above, we are on the road to Houston, TX  July 5-9. The Holy Spirit and many good people have created a wonderful variety of encounters from a Sunday evening Eucharistic Adoration to Action presentation at St. Anne Parish, Café Catholica at St. Michael and more young adult hang outs for us these days. If you are interested in following our escapades, do check out our facebook page. If you are interested in seeing us face to face, contact us here. We are open to the surprises God has in store for us. vocation brochures Go Rebuild My Church

— 4 —

Open houses are favorite Franciscan thing! (Honestly, St. Francis’ own love for the humble San Damiano couldn’t have been more open to the elements.) Read here about a current day open house of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Newton, WI,  where our Sister Marlita is the pastoral director. Click here. Franciscan Sister Marlita Henseler

— 5 —

Wonder what it is like to be  an AZ or TX  camper visiting a Franciscan Motherhouse in WI? Sister Carol writes a great description about our recent Camp Franciscan 2014. Click here.

Vocation Discernment

— 6 —

Wisconsin is a great month for strawberries. The harvest is sweet. When all of us are home here at the Motherhouse, that means a lot of pans of fruit. We enjoy getting together to pick, eat and clean this patriotic-colored food. (By the way, happy July 4th!) What’s our favorite recipe? How about just right off the vine!!!

Franciscan Sisters enjoy Wisconsin strawberries


— 7 —

While we will continue to update you on the blessings of our summer days, please know we are also very open to  vocation discernment conversations. Click here to find out about our coming discernment retreats or learn more about other opportunities to experience our every day lives. The Lord bless you!

Franciscan Sisters airport arrivals at Motherhouse

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