Franciscan Sisters Consecrated Life Celebration Began with 2 Letters

Paul Keggington

July 20, 2014

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity count it pure joy to celebrate 50 years of God’s faithful love in the lives of our Sisters. Did you ever wonder what it was like to begin the journey to become a Franciscan Sister in 1958?

Franciscan Sisters celebrate 50 years of Consecrated LifeOne of this year’s celebrants, Sister Barbara Mathe, shares letters that she received from Sister M. Una, Vocation Director and Mother M. Agna at the time of application.  God’s invitation to follow one’s vocation is ever new and yet ever the same.

Other Franciscan Sisters who are also celebrating golden jubilees July 20, 2014, who received their own communications at the time of Sister Barbara’s letters, include: Sister Dolores Herrmann, Sister Helena Young, Sister Jane Kinate, Sister Karen Suhr, Sister Leonette Kochan, Sister Sharon Paul and Sister Sheila Kasten.

Letter #1

May 27, 1958

Dear Barbara,

We certainly are happy about your decision to join your sister in God’s holy service! How God must loveFranciscan Sister Barbara's letter from Vocation Director your family to call two girls to become His own spouses! Now, it is up to you to generously give all you have and are to Christ, so that He may use you to influence hundreds of souls for good. You will not be satisfied to love Christ ardently; but you will want to go out and teach other souls how sweet it is to love LOVE, Itself! That is the Franciscan Way of life-the life you intend to follow the rest of your life.

We welcome you, Barbara, and gladly enclose the application and medical blanks together with a letter of directions. As soon as all are ready you may return them for approval. In a very short time your sister will become a bride of Christ and I am sure you will be here for that happy occasion. You will be exceedly joyful knowing that you, too, are aspiring to that holy bridal day.

We shall keep you in our prayers! Lovingly in the Queen of May,

Sister M. Una

Vocation Director

Letter #2

Franciscan Sister Barbara on Profession DayDear Barbara,

We are pleased to learn of your sincere and earnest desire to consecrate your whole life to Jesus in our Franciscan family. Your decision shows that you realize that an invitation from Jesus is more valuable than anything the world has to offer. At the same time your willingness to answer Christ’s invitation to follow Him, regardless of the sacrifices involved, proves that you are generous.

Enclosed, are the application papers which you requested. You are to fill out the ‘Form of Application’ and the one that is to be sent to us by return mail. (If you are attending a school taught by our own Sisters you need not send this blank at once, but include it with the application papers.) The other two blanks are to be filled out by your family physician and dentist. As soon as all are completed, please send them to: the Mother General, Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc, WI. If all is in accordance with our requirements, we will send you the list of clothing and supplies you will need. Also kindly submit your Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates and a letter of recommendation from Sister Barbara letteryour Reverend Pastor with you application papers. These must be sent previous to your entrance.

With every vocation Christ grants sufficient grace to answer His call and to be faithful to the life to which He calls us. It would be well for you then to assist at Holy Mass every day and to receive the sacraments often that you may get an increase of sanctifying grace to enable you to become a loving and faithful Bride of Christ.

Entrusting your intentions to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we will pray that the seed of vocation God has planted in your heart will grow and blossom into a beautiful life lived for Him and souls.

Lovingly yours in St. Francis,

Mother M. Agna

Mother General

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