7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan September Must Reads

September 12, 2014

— 1 —

A Franciscan heart is inspired not only by the change of season, but by music. Francis’ troubadour spirit finds a home in our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity song of the month In the Middle of Heaven and Here by Ken Yates. Click to read more and enjoy a free download. Ken Yates

— 2 —

Hungry? Who isn’t especially when Wisconsin’s Door County cherries need to picked, but especially enjoyed. It would be a pity if you did not at least look at this Franciscan Cherry Cobbler and imagine how simply delightful this dessert tastes. Click here. Cherry Cobbler

— 3 —

Since we are into recipes, we thought you might enjoy another cultural favorite from the Mississippi Delta. Franciscan Sister Annette (serving in Greenwood, MS) is in a ‘pickle’ preparing for a parish event. Click here. Franciscan Sister Annette makes Delta pickles

— 4 —

Mississippi Sister Kathleen helps us all anticipate the Year of Consecrated Life with photos of children finding joy in the simplicity of the NOW. Click here to breathe in some child-like, light-heartedness. Franciscan Sister Kathleen finds joy in kingergaten children's sense of wonder

— 5 —

The Gospel is ‘in’ season always. Our Sister Carmen Marie reflects on a recent Sunday passage. Click here. Franciscan Sister Carmen Marie offers a reflection

— 6 —

Ohio’s spectacular sights and warm-hearted people are part of our Franciscan Sister treasured daily lives. Sister Sharon shares on special moments in Cambridge, OH. Click here.

Franciscan Sisters in Cambridge OH bridge the gap

— 7 —

Looking for a fall getaway to discern Franciscan life? Franciscan Sisters invite you to consider our Vocation Discernment Retreat on October 10-12, 2014. Click here for more information or find another discernment option that fits you. (Note: we are also very open to meet you where you are!)

Franciscan Sisters meet you where you are

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