Franciscan Sister Discernment Podcast Called to Be on Bishops Social Media Sites

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 05, 2014

St. Francis is already smiling in heaven (along with all of his saintly followers.) We received notice that the United States Catholic Bishops Facebook and Twitter accounts will post our Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel’s Discernment Journey Podcast soon. Alert us when you see it happen!

Franciscan Sister Pamela Catherine professes her perpetual vows on the feast of the PortiunculaRecently perpetually professed Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel talks about her journey from being a teacher in Michigan to a junior high teacher in a remote desert place in Bapchule, AZ far from the public eye.  How down to earth can you get? Desert sands and growing up in a state with many economic issues ground you in reality. Our Motherhouse in Manitowoc, WI is also a peaceful spot in Northern Wisconsin, not necessarily burning material for a headline story, but truly  a blessed place of growth in God’s abundance.

But isn’t this the kind of story that just might resonate with other young women? (with you?) Making a difference quietly where others are in need. Sister Pamela Catherine witnesses well our charism of  finding great satisfaction in being about the work of the Gospel. We are grateful to be sent to build up Christ’s Church today in meaningful ways and ever being enriched more than we give.

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Franciscan Sister Pamela Catherine with St. Peter Mission class

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