Franciscan Sister Honored for Being a Teacher

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

December 05, 2015

Franciscan Sister Jane Kinate was recently honored with a special recognition at an All School Liturgy at Roncalli High School, Manitowoc, WI.  President John Stelzer presented Sister Jane with a Lifetime of Dedication, Stewardship and Service as Educator award. Principal Tim Olsen shares his words here:

Franciscan Sister Jane at Roncalli High School -photo HTR Manitowoc, WIThere are many who can play piano. Few are pianists. There are many who can draw. Few are artists. There are many who are instructors. Far fewer are true teachers. Sister Jane Kinate is a teacher. Her entire life is her lesson. For fifty years, Sister Jane has challenged her students to learn, to grow, to become more than they thought they could be. She is a consummate professional. she spends countless hours in preparation because she see’s herself as a servant to her students. She continues to build upon her already prodigious knowledge because she sees herself as a life long learner. She remains inquisitive and innovative because she believes her students deserve only her best. He expertise in the classroom is the envy of her colleagues. However, to praise her abilities within those four walls is to tell only part of the story.

Sister Jane’s entire life is a walking testament to her commitment to God, our Church and her vocation. She is faith personified. There is no divide between what she does and who she is. Many will speak of teaching as a vocation, but so few have the strength of spirit to so selflessly respond to Christ’s admonition to “leave all you have and follow Me.”

Sister Jane’s life has been a resounding yes, and we are all better for it. Christ was called “rabbi”, teacher. He teaches still through those who have followed him. So we thank and honor Sister Jane, as teacher, colleague, mentor and friend.

Are you called to be a Franciscan Sister and high school teacher? We invite you to contact us here.


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