Franciscan Sister Facilitates Eau Claire Discernment of Spirits Retreat

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 13, 2018

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Jacqueline Spaniola directed 20 young people in a Discernment of Spirits Retreat day at the Eau Claire Ecumenical Religious Center March 3, 2018. Father Dan Oudenhoven and Campus Minister Savannah Siegler were open to exposing students to St. Ignatius’  22 Rules of discernment.

Here’s some feedback from the students about the silent retreat day.

What touched your heart?

  • Realizing that prayer is not always talking. Prayer is listening.
  • Developing my relationship with Christ through desolation
  • The ability to sit in silence and reflect the Lord’s plan and direction
  • The silence really helped me think about things that I needed to work on and let God into my life.
  • Learning the rules of discernment especially patience and how God tests us
  • Really sitting down and understanding a discernment process
  • I really loved learning the rules of discernment and having tangible ways of knowing what is from God.

What part of the retreat was the most helpful?

  • It was very helpful to be able to take a break from my busy life to stop and reflect and listen. Then, it was very helpful to then be able to talk to Sister J about what thoughts were running through my head.
  • Knowing how to decipher evil spirits and good spirits. Also knowing about how consolation can bring evil spirits into our thought process
  • I think it was helpful to learn how to hear God’s voice and determine how to know if you are doing his will.
  • daily discernment affects big discernment.
  • mentioning that we shouldn’t ‘break off too much to chew’ so that the devil can tempt us in that way.
  • what is God’s will for my life and not being selfish
  • the note sheets and resources-having Sisters here with us.
  • greatly appreciated how methodical it was. This really helped with clarity of mind.

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