Lenten Series: Temporary Professed Sister Offers Rock Climbing Wisdom

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 10, 2019

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Teresa Bettag offers the first of a Lenten Series.

When I first entered the convent, one of my first questions was, “Will I ever be able to rock climb again?” I LOVE rock climbing – there is something very pure and natural about it. Many people think it takes just brute strength, but it also takes balance, composure, and an eye for the holds; because the thing is, when you’re hanging high above the ground, the thing you’re holding on to is very important. A good hand or foot hold propels you higher, while a bad one can cut up your hands or lead to a nasty fall.

This Lent perhaps a question for all of us is: what is it that I am holding on to? What is my rock? Can we say with the psalmist, “My soul clings to you, Lord; your right hand holds me fast”?

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