Franciscan Postulant Experiences Ohio Mission Experience

What does a Franciscan Postulant do after spending Christmas with her family? Yazmin Martinez Lopez visited the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at St. Benedict’s Convent in Cambridge, Ohio. She arrived in time to celebrate her own festive Epiphany with the Sisters.

Yazmin was happily immersed in the work of the Community. She visited St. Benedict’s School and Christ Our Light Parish Religion Classes, as well as Countryview Nursing Home, Lore City.

The Sisters thought it important to share with her other significant places where our Sisters currently serve and served in Zanesville, Ohio.

Yazmin also had the opportunity to share her gifts and talents. She prepared delicious quesadillas for the Sisters. She was introduced to many people who the Sisters are blessed to know.

She met the Staff of St. Benedict’s School while the Cambridge Sisters hosted the Christmas Party at the Convent. On the Feast of the Epiphany she met many parishioners at the Parish Feastday Dinner prepared by Shirley’s Catering Service.

The Sisters enjoyed hosting Yazmin and wish her God’s blessings as she continues learning what it means to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity.

North Carolina Young Woman Called to be a Postulant

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant Yazmin shares on God’s call to be a postulant. Yazmin is from St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Cary, North Carolina in the Diocese of Raleigh.

Hello Everyone! It is a joy to be here at Holy Family Convent. My name is Yazmin Martinez Lopez. I am originally from Mexico. My family and I came to live in the United States in 2008. We have been living in Cary, North Carolina for the past ten years. I have been discerning religious life for a long time but most seriously around two years ago. I contacted different Communities and I even went on a retreat in Mexico. But there was a time when I forgot about the idea of becoming a Sister. Then suddenly a friend from my home parish encouraged me to keep looking.

One day at daily Mass at St. Michael the Archangel Parish, the gospel was about the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). The priest, Monsignor Wall, talked about how this gospel had moved a man to work in Africa for the poor because he thought Africa was more like Lazarus. That just hit me at that moment. After I received the Eucharist I prayed to Jesus to show me a convent where I would be welcomed soon. Specifically, I asked Jesus to help me find it during that month, which was the month of March. I wanted it to be Franciscan because I knew that Franciscans are close to the poor. That day I looked at the website, Institute for Religious life, and I found out that the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity had a retreat coming up in March. I signed up and Sister Julie Ann contacted me. I came to the retreat and I loved it. Everyone was so welcoming.

After a week I wrote to Sister Julie Ann to ask for the application. So I applied, and it took me a month to get all the paperwork ready. I was so happy to hear that I was accepted. All my family and friends were so happy for me. My friends at church and priests supported me along the way.

My family brought me to the Motherhouse the 18th of August. It was hard to see them leave the day after. However, I am really thankful to be here. I have a sense of peace and joy. During the time I have been here I have seen that God has provided me with everything I needed. I am looking forward to serving God, the Community, and the Church.


South Dakota Young Woman Called to be a Postulant

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant Lindsay shares on her call to be a Franciscan Sister.

I came to Holy Family Convent from Watertown, South Dakota. I grew up in northern Arizona and I was born in Flagstaff, but I moved to South Dakota about 12 years ago. I’m 35 years old and I am very happy to be here. My mother and grandmother still live in Prescott, Arizona. I don’t have any other family, but I have some great friends in South Dakota that are like an extended family to me. Before coming here, I was attending Mount Marty College in Watertown majoring in psychology and also took care of a family of five kids nearly full time. I came to know them through the Watertown school district where I worked with their middle son who has autism and type 1 diabetes. I worked with him as a paraprofessional for four years. Then I went back to school and was able to do afterschool care and summer care for the whole family until I came here.

I visited Holy Family Convent for the third time this March and was accepted into the postulancy on July 25. It was a whirlwind after that trying to sell my house and find a good home for my dog, Oliver. Eventually Oliver found a home with one of his cousins, and he is in heaven living with a buddy that has a huge backyard. I am still working on selling my house, but hopefully that will be wrapped up soon. My days so far have been filled with learning about religious life as lived as a postulant, school work from Silver Lake College, and getting to know everyone. I am slowly getting to know the layout of this building. I still get lost once in a while though. I would like to thank everyone for being so welcoming and kind to me during my time so far here. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you more and growing in many different ways on this journey! Coming here has been a fulfillment of a lot of hope and prayers over many years for me.

Franciscan Postulant’s Emmaus Experience in Kaukauna Mission

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant Hilda shares on her own recent Emmaus experiences at St. Paul Elder Services in Kaukauna, Wisconsin and her life with the Sister Delores Wisnicky and Sister Juden Lang at St. Paul Convent.

For my first mission experience, I was sent to St. Paul’s in Kaukauna. There I stayed with Sister Juden and Sister Delores. I had an absolutely wonderful time getting to know both of them. Both, in their own unique way, taught me so much about caring for people in different stages of life. I felt very welcomed and completely spoiled while in Kaukauna. Both Sister Delores and Sister Juden were very open and willing to answer any questions that I had. It was nice to see how things worked in a smaller convent.

The residents at St. Paul’s taught me something beautiful as well. We had a lot more in common, then I would have assumed. Like myself, some of the residents in the Villa were adjusting to a new environment, one they had never experience before. They shared their experiences with having to give things up and the difficulty we can sometimes face in being obedient to God and where he has placed us. It was enlightening to see how several of them had come together to truly form a community and support system. Part of our human nature is the need for forming meaningful relationships with other people, and it was heart-warming to experience a place that was not only safe but provided social events for their residents and those that they care for.

It was also comforting to see how the priest and brothers came together during mass, the care and compassion that they showed each other was magnificent. There was a certain magic in seeing them all wear their stoles during mass. Regardless of their mental of physical capability, they hadn’t lost who they were in relationship to God and if that not beautiful, then I don’t know what is. There is something so completely inspiring to me about the way that these men have been able to remain in relationship with God. These precious moments of observation were paramount in my Lenten journey this year. One, it allowed me to see outside of myself but it also provided me with hope and reminded of the collateral beauty that comes with difficulties. It reminded me that with God, there is no pain without purpose and with every struggle that we face there is a certain beauty to it. It reminded me to be thankful always.

Postulant Shares Discernment Journey

Postulant Hilda shares her discernment journey to the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. We invite you to our coming retreat or plan a visit with us that works for you. Click here.

I was at a point of reevaluation. My life hadn’t quite turned out the way that I had planned. I suppose I was trying to find where I belonged and figure out what I was to do with the rest of my life.
My name is Hilda Concepcion Medina. I grew up in Clovis, New Mexico but found my home in Midland, Texas and yet so much of the New Mexican spirit remains within me. Home for me is in more places than one. I have five siblings, but I am the only one to choose religious life. Currently I am the only practicing Catholic out of my parents and siblings. Even then, the Church has always called to me. I have been active in the communities that I have been a part of. Most recently I have been a member of the hospitality committee, Eucharistic ministry, and in a group called Young Fire. I was also a member of the A.C.T.S community. (Adoration, Community, Theology, Service) Read more.

Franciscan Sisters Welcome Texas Postulant

Monday, January 15, 2018 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity officially welcomed Hilda Concepcion Medina as a Postulant in an afternoon Insignia of St. Francis Ceremony prayer service. This is the first step in her becoming a Franciscan Sister. Hilda is from Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Midland, Texas of the Diocese of San Angelo. During her early years, she lived in nearby Clovis, New Mexico.

The Insignia of St. Francis was explained during the ceremony in a quote taken from Thomas Celano’s first book on St. Francis. It reads that “Francis made for himself a tunic showing the image of the Tau cross so as to remind himself of his call to imitate Christ”. Community Director Sister Natalie Binversie bestowed the insignia, a tau with the hand of Jesus covering that of St. Francis, to remind Hilda of her call to follow Christ with all of us Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. Worn on a chain, it becomes the formal witness to all of being a Postulant.

John 1:35-39 was an important Gospel text for the ritual.

“The next day John was there again with two of his disciples, and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.

Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, “What are you looking for?” They said to him, “Rabbi” (which translated means Teacher), “where are you staying?”

He said to them, “Come, and you will see.” So they went and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day. It was about four in the afternoon.”

Does this Scripture text speak to you as you discern your own call from God? We invite you to our coming March 16-18, 2018 Franciscan Retreat Weekend or check out our other discernment options offered in the coming months. Click here.